Three Ways to Connect an Aruba AP to a Mobility Controller


You have an Aruba mobility controller and you have a batch of new access points. You want to get everything connected and activated. So how do you get started? There are three common ways to connect an Aruba AP to a mobility controller.


First and foremost, one of the quicker methods to connecting an Aruba AP to a mobility controller is to use DNS. Access points will look for the hostname of “aruba-master” to find their mobility controller. You can create a static DNS entry for this name and you should be all set.


Similar to other vendors, you can also use DHCP options to tell access points the IP of their mobility controller. You will want to setup DHCP option 43 with the correct IP address. Doing so will tell the AP what to connect to once it receives a DHCP IP address.

Aruba Discovery Protocol (ADP)

Lastly, there is another method that can be used when access points and mobility controllers are on the same layer 2 network. By default, ADP is enabled on controllers and APs and it allows the APs and mobility controllers to find each other using a series of IGMP messages. One note for this is that if the devices are NOT in the same broadcast domain, you’ll want to make sure multicast is enabled on the network to allow the messages to flow.

Overall nothing too crazy and complicated, but you will use one of these methods in the deployment process. Easy enough to setup, but you’ll need to decide upfront which you want to use.


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