NX-OS “Write mem” Command


This is a short, but useful post. Most network administrators started learning on IOS, seeing that NX-OS is still pretty new comparatively speaking. It’s sounds funny, but with the command “write memory”, or “write mem” for short missing from the NX-OS, people were thrown off a bit. It’s not that typing “copy run start” is difficult or anything, it’s just not what people are used to. It’s such a minor change, but it’s still funny how something so basic can be so missed.

Rest assured though, there is a way to bring back the command you are hoping for: with an alias. The configuration looks like this:

N7K(config)# cli alias name wr copy run start

Then you can simply type the very short hand version of the “write mem” command, “wr”, to copy the running config to the startup config.

nx-os wr command


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