My Experience with the DEVASC Exam


If you have been anywhere near the realm of Cisco Certifications, you have no doubtedly heard of DevNet. Cisco’s DevNet program is an area of study and development based around programmability, automation, and programming. This is a new thing in the in the Cisco world and they are definitely putting a lot of focus on it as well. Basically, this is a push to get network engineers ready and prepared for the future of networking.

My Background

I have been around programming from the PHP and HTML space for years now, having worked on many projects of my own in my spare time. I have an entry level understanding of the Python space as well. Leading into this exam, I could feel myself unearthing a lot of these old skills and mentalities that I had used in the past. It’s always nice going into a newer area of study with some experience and understanding under your belt.


The DEVASC exam can surely be achieved if you put in a lot of book time and go through all of the documentation. I would have driven myself crazy doing that though! To truly understand the process of making API calls and interacting with different services, I had to do just that. I did a lot of work with a lab setup of Firepower Management Center, making calls and modifying certain parts with the included API’s. Actually doing the work and watching it in the “real world” of my lab, made it so much easier to comprehend, understand, and be able to speak to. The Cisco documentation is great, but be sure to supplement all of that with real world practice. Get your hands dirty and start writing some code!

Test Day!

The day after Christmas, December 26th. I was scheduled to take the exam at 3:00pm. I was taking the exam at home with the Pearson Vue at home testing process. Funny situation this time, my office was a mess. Sure enough, the online proctor popped on and had me clear a few more items from my desktop. Never had that happen before, but cool to see the process and that they are actually watching for things like that. Anyways, got started shortly there after a quick video conversation with the proctor. The test was a combination of multiple choice, drag and drop, and fill in the blank. That latter was new – literally boxes requiring you to fill in the missing information. This was a new method of testing for a Cisco exam, but it fit very well. The way it was used was very effective, I’ll leave it at that.  The big trends around the exam were no surprise based on the documentation Cisco provided too. There was a lot of material based on the software development process as well as a lot of actual code that you needed to interact with in one way or another. This could be troubleshooting or simply “what does this script do?” type things. Overall, can’t go into much detail per exam guidelines, but it was a refreshing exam, and frankly a bit of fun!

Class of 2020

If you wanted to be part of the Cisco DevNet Class of 2020 yourself, good news! They extended the date you needed to complete your first exam by. Cisco recently announced the following:

We know exam scheduling has been limited in the final weeks of the 2020 year, so we reset the countdown to ensure that you have the chance to become part of the DevNet Class of 2020. Certify before February 24, 2021 to join and get all the perks that go with it!

This was a welcome announcement for a lot of people trying to get exam dates around the holidays. With that exception being made, what else do you have to lose? Get to studying and take a DevNet exam yourself!


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