LACP Port-Channel Member Ports Suspended – %EC-5-L3DONTBNDL2


Recently ran into this issue where a switch rebooted and when it finished reloading, one of the member ports would not come online. The port was stuck in a suspended state. When this occurred, I checked the logs on the switch and found the following entry:

%EC-5-L3DONTBNDL2: Te6/1 suspended: LACP currently not enabled on the remote port.

I then tried to do a shut \ no shut on the port and see if it would come online. I watched the port coming online with the command “show etherchannel summary”. The port went had the code (w) next to it which stands for “waiting for aggregation”. It stayed here for ~20 seconds or so and then changed to a suspended state. I then confirmed that the LACP port-channel was configured correctly on both ends. It was. Both channel-modes on each end of the connection were set to active. Everything was configured as it should be.


I started looking into the issue and these switches were running an outdated IOS version. My first thoughts were an IOS bug, and I found a few with similar symptoms. One of the bugs I found, TAC confirmed through their research. This was bug CSCva22545.

When it came down to it, I was left with two options- Change my port-channel to a channel-mode of on instead of active or upgrade the IOS version on the switch. Obviously the option of changing port-channel channel-mode to on is just a bandaid fix, so an IOS upgrade is definitely the way to go. Otherwise I may just set myself up for a run-in with another bug later on.

Not saying this is the only reason you may get this log message, but your IOS version is definitely something you want to look into to cure this issue.



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