Interconnecting Nexus VDCs


There is a great technology within the Nexus switch product line which revolves around something called a VDC. Basically to keep the description short, a VDC is a logical switch within a physical switch. A person could have 4 VDCs within one physical switch (ie: Management, core, server, and distribution). There is a specific way to configure everything that will be covered in another article.

This article focuses on a very popular topic- interconnecting Nexus VDCs. You have say a hypothetical 4 new VDCs. How do you make them work together? Unfortunately the backplane is not an option. There is only one way currently that you can connect these logical switches so they can work together- with a physical cable.

With a VDC, you can allocate a port to a specific VDC. On a blade of physical interfaces, ports 1-4 could be allocated to 4 separate switches. With that being the case, an engineer could simply allocate ports accordingly, configure them in each VDC as a trunk, and then interconnect them. To help you picture this, you could have a cable plugged into Ethernet1/1 looping right back into the blade into port Ethernet1/2. That would be a trunk between two of your VDCs.

Is it a new mentality that you will need to get used to, but this method is something that you will want to keep in your back pocket should you be interconnecting Nexus VDCs.


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