Firepower 4100/9300 – Reset to Factory Default


I recently began working on a project with a Firepower 4100 chassis. When I powered on the appliance I quickly realized that the setup would be different than a normal Firepower device. The console screen prompted me to run a quick setup on the device so I could begin to access it. This would eventually get me to the chassis manager, where I could eventually deploy the firewall scope we were looking for. Long story short there we didn’t like the way we originally deployed it and wanted to start over and change a few things. We decided to go the route of wiping the configuration and resetting it to factory default configuration. This is a bit different than a “erase startup-config” on a switch though and took a bit of digging to find the command to do it. Ultimately though, it’s not hard to do. Here’s what it looks like:


FP4110-A# connect local-mgmt 
FP4110-A(local-mgmt)# erase configuration 
All configurations will be erased and system will reboot. Are you sure? (yes/no):yes
Removing all the configuration. Please wait....
Configurations are cleaned up. Rebooting....

The device then rebooted and when it came back up I was right at the point of running the initial quick setup script. I saw a few other methods as far as actually redeploying the software to the device from an ISO and the method above was DEFINITELY quicker for what I needed. Hopefully if you run into a similar situation it can help you too.


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