Exciting SD-WAN Updates From Riverbed


In a time where software defined networking is all the rage, there are many different vendors taking a shot at the new focus in the IT world and trying to find their place in the market. Riverbed has been around since the early 2000’s and has been a well known player in the fields of network performance monitoring, analytics, and now, SD-WAN. Today, they are announcing some exciting new updates around their latest improvements and offerings.

Find the official press release here: Riverbed Official Press Release

Legacy Networks meet Next-Gen

SD-WAN is highly regarded as a next-gen technology. It is a modern way of routing connections between multiple locations within an enterprise. The fact is, connecting branch locations becomes very easy with the power of SD-WAN. The problem with some providers though is they are meant for very small branch locations. What happens if your location is running a routing protocol on the inside? Riverbed does a good job of managing the underlay and the overlay and then bringing them together. This allows larger, more advanced networks to take advantage of what SD-WAN can do as well. There is a demo video at the end of this post that shows some of the routing and redistribution of routes on to the SD-WAN network. Below is an example of one of the monitoring screens for overlay routes in this case.

New Subscription Options?

Speaking for myself, I know one thing I hate is paying for something I am not going to use. I think that is something most people will agree with me on. One new option from Riverbed is around subscription pricing models. Now, depending on the number of sites that you have and the specific features you are looking for, Riverbed will offer flexibility in the pricing model by providing this option. Their Press Release sums this up pretty well.

Subscription-based pricing: Riverbed is introducing disruptive OpEx friendly, subscription-based pricing for SD-WAN-only and SD-WAN + WAN Optimization customers. Now customers have added flexibility with a fit-for-purpose and future-proofed solution at every branch location to meet their specific needs.

To get started and see how you might be able to take advantage of this new option, you will want to contact a Riverbed account representative for more details and exact breakdowns.

Easy of Use Across Options

The final point that I find very appealing about Riverbed is around how easy is it to configure a network topology with their technology. Whether it is a physical device you are using as an edge device on your network or a virtual appliance in the cloud, the setup process is quick and allows you to create a full mesh network from branch office, to cloud provider, to your own datacenter. The demo video at the end of this post has a good example of just how quick it is to add a site to your topology. The other positive here is that there is a configuration option for whatever type of network you are trying to run, from broadband connections to MPLS circuits, etc. By utilizing all of these different connection types and providing beneficial application acceleration, the Riverbed suite of devices is a desirable choice for an edge device.

Demo Time

I keep mentioning the demo video I was going to share and here it is. Riverbed employee Brandon Carroll is someone that I met years ago at Network Field Day 15. He has since taken a role at Riverbed and in this video at #NFD19, he walks us through some demos of what Riverbed has to offer. Take a look!


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