Custom Guest Portal for Catalyst 9800 WLC


If you are a Cisco wireless network admin, surely you are aware of the Catalyst 9800 series wireless LAN controllers by now. If not, you can find more out them HERE. Recently, we were deploying two of these controllers for a new site refresh we were working on and noticed that the default guest portal where users on our guest network would accept the terms and conditions was pretty bland:

default guest portal catalyst 9800 wlc
As you can tell, there’s not much to it. In the settings we were able to add some more text to the page, but only a small amount. It still left a bit to be desired. That’s when we found out there was another, better way to handle this guest portal page…

On the downloads page for the Catalyst 9800 WLC, there is an option for the “Wireless Lan Controller Web Authentication Bundle”.

Basically what this gives you is a set of HTML files that are ready to be edited. These are what you need if you want to make a custom guest portal for Catalyst 9800 WLC. Once we looked at the files, we made our changes to the set of files for “consent” which is what the Catalyst 9800 series WLC labels the standard guest portal that we all know.

So what you need to do is go through and complete your basic HTML edits. In our case, we changed the text of the terms and conditions, background color of the page, and added our company logo. Then we changed the alignment of a few things. Next you have to upload all of these files to the “flash:” of your controller. This can be completed with the standard TFTP file transfer process. Once all of the files from the webauth bundle are on the controller including any images you used, you need to set the controller to reference these files. This can be completed relatively easily via the command line. In your running config find this section of config:

parameter-map type webauth XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
type consent

That is the block of config for your “consent” based guest portal webauth. Under this section, you need to add four new commands to reference the new pages you created:

custom-page login device flash:webauth_consent.html
custom-page success device flash:webauth_success.html
custom-page failure device flash:webauth_failure.html
custom-page login expired device flash:webauth_expired.html

From there, you can begin testing and should see your new custom guest portal for your Catalyst 9800 WLC. As always, leave any questions in the comments!



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