#CLUS CCIE Practice Labs?


So before leaving for #CLUS last week, a co-worked mentioned to that there were CCIE practice labs available at #CLUS. I hadn’t stumbled across this before yet myself. At #CLUS in the World of Solutions, there is a section in the back for walk-in, self-paced labs.

Map to CLUS walk in self paced labs

What my co-worker showed me was that there are a couple self-paced labs specifically for a CCIE candidate, but there is definitely more than just that. Use the link below to take a look at the labs that are offered.

Click Here to View All Offered Self Paced Labs (Ciscolive.com)

On that page, you can see a little bit of everything offered. The CCIE ones were particularly interesting to me. The odd thing is that the page where you can view the available labs, it gives you the option to pick a designated time to schedule one of these. That being said, the description page for these calls out that they are first come first served, so that is what I am going on personally. I’ll try to get down there early one morning to give the labs a shot as a walk-in.

Speaking of what the description page mentions, here is what Cisco lists on the Ciscolive.com page for these walk-in, self-paced labs:


Cisco Live’s Walk-in Self-Paced (WISP) Labs give you one-of-a-kind hands-on experience on a variety of products and solutions from Cisco. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Work through pre-designed scenarios that show you firsthand how these technologies can transform your business.
  • Explore full configurations and new features, so you can make informed recommendations on which solutions are right for your workplace.
  • Access the Cisco Digital Learning Solution that includes CCNA and CCNP course material, training videos, hands-on lab exercises, and assessments. Check out the leaderboard and contest with daily prizes

All WISP labs are available on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any questions about these, I will be able to answer them after I stop down there myself. Judging by the subject content listed and the way these labs are described, they are definitely something worth checking out at #CLUS.



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