Cisco WLC – Multiple SSIDs on the Same Vlan


Sometimes in a wireless environment there are situations where you may want to have multiple SSIDs on the same vlan. For instance, you may want to use a single subnet and vlan for all of your wireless clients. Other examples are that you could use multiple SSIDs to apply different QoS policies for instance. Another option is setting up multiple SSIDs with one on 2.4Ghz and another on 5Ghz. Then you can force it to one band or another. This comes in handy for legacy devices for instance where you have no option to force one way or another.


If you are looking into this, you’ve probably setup a single wireless SSID on a Cisco wireless controller. I’ll skip the basics and focus on the key to setting up multiple SSIDs on the same vlan.

You will need to have your interface created for your “wireless” vlan. Mine is named generic and is just “thenet”:

multiple SSIDs on the same vlan

This is where the key to this whole process is now. You have an interface created now and you have the vlan identifier set accordingly. That is your connection from a wireless subnet to a specific vlan. Now, for each vlan you create that you want to share that interface (and therefore reside on that vlan), you need to set the interface to the one you just created. The options under each SSID you create will look like this:

multiple SSIDs on the same vlan

As long as each of the SSIDs that you have configured are set to that same interface, then they will reside on the same vlan. That’s all there is to is to create multiple SSIDs on the same vlan. Kind of nice when something relies on a single drop-down!


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