Cisco Stack – Changing the Switch Stack Member Number


Sometimes you may find yourself needing to change a Cisco switch stack member number in a stack setup. This is not the most common of things that you will do on a daily basis so I wanted to make a quick note regarding this process.

  • Enter Global Config Mode
  • SW_Stack(config)# switch X renumber Y
    • Where X is the current switch member number, and Y is what you would like to change it to.
  • A reload of the Switch is now required to complete the change
    • SW_Stack# reload slot X
      • X also represents current switch stack member number. Use the same number as above.
  • Once rebooted, the switch will now hold the new member number as long as it is not already in use.


  1. hi
    I have cisco switch 2960 I connected via stack-Weise but the switch name come not correctly how can I change sw1 (port gi3/0/1-24) sw2 (port gi4/0/1-24)

    Fawaz Akasha


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