Cisco – No Redundancy Mode SSO Option


We just had a case come up during a downtime window where a chassis back-plane was replaced due to a hardware defect. This was a Cisco 4510 chassis in our case. All of the original Supervisors and blades were replaced in the same configuration that they were before. When it came back online after the reboot though, it was in RPR mode with the standby Sup in “Standby cold” mode. Not ideal for normal operation in our case. This was verified by the command “show mod”.

Not to drag out the issue too far, it all stems back to license. Our license was reset due to the hardware change in this case. This issue may also be seen with a new build as well. In this case, the license was set to “lanbase” and not “entservices” as is required for the SSO commands we were needing.

License level can be verfied by the command “show license image level”.

This is the after photo of where we are now at, but everything was showing “lanbase” originally. We used the command “license boot level entservices” to set the license of choice. We also needed to console into the standby Sup to do the same thing. Both Sups were then rebooted to load the new license level.

Next we were able to enable SSO mode like normal:

The command was showing up as valid syntax for the mode where it was not even an option before. Once switched into SSO mode, we needed to reboot the standby Sup which then brought the system back where it needed to be:

A “show mod” was now showing the standby Sup as “standby hot” which was exactly where we wanted to be.


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