Cisco Live Tip – Session Planning


Cisco Live offers so many types of breakout sessions that people can attend while at the conference. These can range from presentations on on line cards on the Nexus 7K platform to CCIE studying tips. There was a tip I came across around breakout sessions that I have heard from a few people now:

Find a theme or topic of focus for your sessions.

The idea here is that you can find a specific topic that you want to learn about and get the most bang for your buck in that one major area. Examples would be BGP configuration \ troubleshooting or CCIE studying and preparation. I personally favor this method of thinking because I like the idea of using my time to get expert level training in a certain area of my choice versus a smaller bit of knowledge spread over a wide array of topics.

Start your Planning NOW!

You might already have a topic in mind or maybe you want to see what’s available before you make up your mind. You’re in luck. There is a session catalog that you can use to get a jump on things and start your planning today. That page is located here:

Lastly, if you have any questions, Twitter is a great place to turn to. You can tweet to @CiscoLive directly with questions or just use the #CLUS hashtag.


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