Cisco Live – Guide From an Outsider


There are hundreds of blogs that you can find with information about Cisco Live. This one will be a bit different though. I have never been to Cisco Live in person before. I will be including some thoughts that many people have told me over the years and try to put it all together for you. This year, 2017, in Las Vegas will be my first Cisco Live. So Let’s get started:


Are you on Twitter? If not, stop reading here, open another tab, and get registered. This is my step one and ranked highly for a reason. So much event information is relayed via Twitter, it needs to be on your list. For instance, there have been swag giveaways and meetups announced on the fly via Twitter. Without it, you’d probably have no idea it was happening. You may miss out on some quality networking possibilities from some great people. One list I’ve followed and I am signed up for this year is ran by @NetworkingNerd on Twitter. These are some of the most knowledgeable people you will encounter on the Cisco Live topic. To sign up for his Twitter list for #CLUS, visit: Aside from that, make sure to have your mobile devices handy during the event to keep an eye on your Twitter feed. Even if you are not attending in person, this is important. Sure, a lot of events are broadcaster or can be viewed later, but so many product photos, interviews, and other event details will be shared on Twitter.


Like any conference, booking early is to your advantage. The most common reason is for the discount. Cisco for instance is constantly letting you know this fact:

Aside from this, the other half of this coin is around hotel accommodations. The event is at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. Booking earlier in advance allows you the best option for hotel rooms. If you are picking up the large amounts of swag that makes a former Cisco Live remote attendee like myself jealous, you are going to want to want to drop some of it back at your room. Having a good, nearby hotel room is helpful, as you’d imagine it would be at any conference. To get registered now you can click here: Cisco Live Registration Page (Yes, that is a social media tracking link for a contest I am in). Also, booking your hotel room through Cisco, allows for discounted room rates as well.


 Early Morning Sessions

Being Las Vegas, there will be “evening” activities that you will partake in, including the customer appreciation event, that will keep you occupied. This tip will be a very short one. Try to keep your session plans in mind when planning your evenings. Watching the remote broadcasts, it’s always funny to hear the presenters make comments about how people are moving a bit slower some mornings and just seem very tired. Vegas is always fun, but the conference should be the primary focus because of the valuable information you will receive there. Make sure to take full advantage of it. If you think it will be an issue, you might want to hold off on those early morning sessions and get a good night sleep!


Day 1

Following the Twitter feeds, a growing group of users has been traveling to the conference a day early to get settled and registered on Sunday. A lot of people will travel on Sunday which is fine, but if you want to take some of the rush and hassle out of it, Saturday travel to get to Las Vegas may be a good idea. That way, Sunday morning \ afternoon, you can make your way to registration at your own pace and not have to rush Monday morning when it may be busier. You can even register on Saturday is appears:

Visit: for more scheduling info like that to see what might fit best with your plans.


Maybe Next Year?

If you are going to be remote for this years #CLUS, consider my first and last points for you. My first point was Twitter. It was my primary social media platform to follow the event in past years. The last point for you will be to attend as much as possible remotely. A lot of events and interviews are broadcasted remotely. You can also view materials from the technical sessions after the fact as well. This can all be done at the Cisco Live Online Portal: .


One way or another, this is a huge event each year that I am thrilled to attend in person this year. Make it a point to get involved and attend whether in person or remote. You will learn a great bit, network with some very knowledgeable people, and have a fun time while doing it!



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