Cisco ISE Deployment – A Required Disk Image Was Missing


A few weeks back I was deploying an evaluation version of ISE to begin learning it for a future deployment. I went through the normal steps of downloading the Cisco provided evaluation OVA and went to deploy it on my VMWare ESXi server. In this case when I went through the deployment, I received errors that “At least one extra disk image was provided that will be ignored” and then “A required disk image was missing”. The screen when this occurred looked like this:

How to fix the issue

Easy solution: VMWare OVF Tool. Instead of deploying through the gui like I normally would, VMWare has a command line utility that will accomplish the same task. You can get the installer directly from the VMWare downloads page (free). You will need to register for a VMWare account as well to download, FYI. With this tool, you specify the local OVA file you want to deploy and other options such as the datastore to deploy to, network port-group to use, and the ESXi host IP address. I loaded the installer on my Windows desktop and then browsed to the program directory. I had my server info prepared as well (which you can see how they were used below). For my exact situation with this deployment, here is what the full command line syntax was:

Like I mentioned this was needed when I was deploying ISE in my lab. This specific issue I screenshoted occurred with Cisco ISE, but I’ve had this occur with other OVA images as well. Something to keep in the back of your head should you ever run into a deployment issue within VMWare ESXi. If you have any questions about the syntax or anything else when trying to deploy, comment below and I will see if I can help.


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Error: At least one extra disk image was provided that will be ignored.
    Can you please help with above error? I was trying to install OVA image of OS and not sure why its failing.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I have the same problem with ova to cucm, im & presense and UCCX.

    Why cisco does not re created the ova with a newer tool? From what I was able to monitor this problem occurs with the vmware client web since version ESXi 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5. But if you use the vsphere client to deploy (ESXi 5.5 and 6.0) this will works fine.


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