Cisco DMVPN Configuration Guide


DMVPN was next on my list to begin looking into for my CCIE exam so I decided to get a brief intro to the technology today as I sit here sick at with two dogs by my side. I found a few guides and labs online and changed some things around and fired up the lab. I have a main site \ hub router and two other routers acting as off-site locations. In the middle, R1, there is a router acting as the ISP and Internet in general. It simply holds a few static routes to let what would be the “public” IP addresses to talk to each other. I could have gotten really fancy with some sort of BGP topology to better represent the internet, but hey- this lab is on DMVPN and I have more to read today. :)


Otherwise take a  look at the video. I made a recording of my whole desktop as I did this one, so it should be pretty easy to follow along. The topology looks like this is you were wondering:




Here’s the video with the configuration of everything. Enjoy!


  1. thanks for your video

    i think better to made to dynamic Route not one
    but i think you did one as any data on the tunnel will be encrypted,


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