Cisco 4500 – Switching Port Media Types


This is an interesting one I never came across so I figured I’d share it out for everyone else too. I recently purchased a Cisco 4506 switch with a few blades already installed. One of those blades was a combo, fiber \ RJ45 blade with 6 usable ports. I hadn’t seen one of these myself before and wasn’t too sure of the requirements of the blade to work properly. It turns out that you can switch each individual port between SFP modules and RJ45 independently. To show you how that looks, here’s a photo of that blade:


I tried just connecting things and wondering how it would work and if it would auto-detect the device and if there was a SFP mod installed, etc. Then I stumbled upon just how this specific module works. There is a separate command to configure the media type. This is the first time I had worked with this myself. Under each of these interfaces, the options for configuration looked like this:


From there, I changed it over to rj45, connected my access point, and it immediately received power. If you happen to be using a blade with functionality like this, be sure to keep the media-type command in mind, because when your POE isn’t working on your devices, a lot of the time it can be something easy like this. Hope that helps!


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