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CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam (400-101) Version 5.1


It has happened with exams over time and will happen with future exams: they get updated. That is exactly what is happening with the CCIE R&S Exam. The CCIE Routing and Switching exam is being updated to version 5.1. The exam had 6 sections that modeled the types of questions a testing candidate would receive. They were:

Network Principles
Layer 2 Technologies
Layer 3 Technologies
VPN Technologies
Infrastructure Security
Infrastructure Services

The new section of the exam that is being added is:

Evolving Technologies

That new section will include topics broken out into these areas(from: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccie_routing_switching/written_exam_v5/exam-topics ):

7.1 Cloud
7.1.a Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models
7.1.a [i] Infrastructure, platform, and software services [XaaS]
7.1.a [ii] Performance and reliability
7.1.a [iii] Security and privacy
7.1.a [iv] Scalability and interoperability
7.1.b Describe Cloud implementations and operations
7.1.b [i] Automation and orchestration
7.1.b [ii] Workload mobility
7.1.b [iii] Troubleshooting and management
7.1.b [iv] OpenStack components
7.2 Network programmability [SDN]
7.2.a Describe functional elements of network programmability [SDN] and how they interact
7.2.a [i] Controllers
7.2.a [ii] APIs
7.2.a [iii] Scripting
7.2.a [iv] Agents
7.2.a [v] Northbound vs. Southbound protocols
7.2.b Describe aspects of virtualization and automation in network environments
7.2.b [i] DevOps methodologies, tools and workflows
7.2.b [ii] Network/application function virtualization [NFV, AFV]
7.2.b [iii] Service function chaining
7.2.b [iv] Performance, availability, and scaling considerations
7.3 Internet of Things
7.3.a Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things [IoT]
7.3.a [i] Performance, reliability and scalability
7.3.a [ii] Mobility
7.3.a [iii] Security and privacy
7.3.a [iv] Standards and compliance
7.3.a [v] Migration
7.3.a [vi] Environmental impacts on the network

This is meant to take the current level of the exam and give it a modern touch. With the internet of things and cloud computing being such a large area of focus for a lot of companies, it’s no surprise to see such a change. Back to studying.



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