Use Third-party Transceiver on Cisco Device

Using third-party transceivers... This is one of those things that a lot of engineers run into from time to time and may need. This may happen for a few different reasons. Maybe you need...

Cisco 3850 Wireless Controller – FAQ

There was a recent project I was working on where I was going to be using a Cisco 3850 switch as a wireless controller, which is a fully supported feature that is build into...

Cisco Live – Guide From an Outsider

There are hundreds of blogs that you can find with information about Cisco Live. This one will be a bit different though. I have never been to Cisco Live in person before. I will...

Countdown to Cisco Live 2015

If you work in the field of networking and with Cisco products, chances are you are waiting for June 7th. That is the day Cisco Live 2015 begins in San Diego, CA. As usual,...

Cisco Live US 2015 has Begun!

Cisco Live 2015 has begun! Be sure to catch the Keynote (currently online) and the other presentations at or by following the hashtag #CLUS on Twitter. Enjoy the week!