Allocate Ports to a Cisco Nexus VDC


If you are working with a Cisco Nexus 7000 or 7700 device then VDC’s are probably not something you are unfamiliar with. In a very brief summary it allows you to seperate a single physical chassis into multiple, logical switches. This is similar to a virtual machine environment in server environments. With all of the ports that you then have on the physical chassis, you can then pick and choose specific ports to be allocated and assigned to specific virtual switches, or VDCs. If you are wondering how to allocate ports to a Cisco Nexus VDC it’s actually quite easy. Here is what the process looks like:

N7K(config)#vdc CORE
N7K(config-vdc)#allocate interface Ethernet1/1
N7K(config-vdc)#allocate interface Ethernet1/2

The command ”show vdc membership” is what you can then use to see what ports overall are assigned to the VDC you are working with. The output will look like this:

N7K# show vdc membership
vdc_id:2 vdc_name: CORE interfaces:
Ethernet1/1 Ethernet1/2 Ethernet1/3
Ethernet1/4 Ethernet1/5 Ethernet1/6
Ethernet1/7 Ethernet1/8

There is something else that comes into play here though and it is around port-groups. This will be covered in a separate post. Basically it is around the fact that certain ports are grouped together and you must allocate them all to the same VDC.


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