2017 Cisco Live Social Media Guide


Cisco Live is the time of year that us in the field can’t wait for. It’s a chance to network with our peers, see the new technology, and brush up on our skills and development. To make the most of this experience, I highly recommend the use of social media as I have mentioned before in other posts. Twitter and Facebook are a great way to keep yourself “in the know” about what is going on, in an on the fly manner. There will be updates about the conference that may periodically be released on social media throughout the week. To make sure you don’t get left behind, be sure to follow Cisco Live on Facebook and Cisco Live on Twitter. On Twitter, which is the main platform I use myself, you will also want to be sure to keep an eye on the hashtag #CLUS. Be sure to include that hashtag in your Cisco Live posts as well, but more on that later.



Another social media platform used at Cisco Live this year will be Instagram. This year, there will be a #CLUS SuperPhoto contest. Using the new Instagram feature around albums, you should put together 5-10 of your favorite photos that represent your experience at Cisco Live. Some examples of good photos to include are yourself in front of the famous Cisco Live sign or maybe a selfie before the opening \ closing keynotes. Be sure to include the hashtag #CLUS on your Instagram album when you share it to be included in the contest! Winners will be selected each day with a grand prize winner selected at the end of the week.

SuperHeroes: Apply Here

Have you ever seen the #CLUS Social Media Cape before? It’s a highly envied award for those most active users at Cisco Live on the social media platforms. No matter where you share your favorites stories and photos, be sure to use the #CLUS hashtag. The more popular your posts become, the closer you are to earning that #CLUS superhero cape!


Have your own blog? Have some unique Cisco Live info you’d like to share? Make your blog work in your favor! Make sure to get your favorite Cisco Live Tips and Experiences posted on your blog and shared to the world for your chance to win some great prizes. This could include things like special experiences and passes at Cisco Live 2017 or even a full conference pass for Cisco Live 2018! This is a very easy way to share your favorite conference tips with other users and get rewarded at the same time.

Remote Attendees

Viewing the conference remotely? Not able to attend this year? Be sure to still share your blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook stories! Include the #CLUS hashtag for a chance to be the Best Remote Attendee. You can win yourself a prize, such as a gift card, for sharing your experience and thoughts as a remote user. No matter if you are in Las Vegas or watching from home, you can still get involved.

Aside from Contests

Not looking for a contest? Want to just meet up with some other like-minded Cisco enthusiasts? Be sure to join everyone at the Sunday Tweetup! Finally have that chance to put a face to a Twitter handle and meet up with some great players in the industry. The Tweetup will take place at 5pm Sunday, so make sure to mark this on your schedule for the week!

No matter how you are taking part in Cisco Live, whether remote or in person, get involved. You can improve your overall experience and meet some great people in the process. Using the hashtag #CLUS can even score you some great prizes along the way. I will be online here at https://www.theroutingtable.com and on Twitter at @TheRoutingTable. See you there!


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