1 Month Out


This is more of a personal, reflection post. My exam is one month out now so I am in the home stretch. The name of the game at this point is speed. I have a good handle on the different technologies that I need to be working with, but I am working on doing it faster. One thing I am focusing on is templates. If I know I am going to be doing the same thing on multiple devices, I am throwing the config in Notepad and then pasting into each required device. This is saving significant time. Things like setting up access ports, trunks, or even more advanced things like DMVPN spokes (with small modifications) greatly benefit from this for me at least. That’s one of the small things I am looking at, but overall it’s a lot of fine tuning right now. If anyone has any tips from experience I’d love to hear them! Every night from now into December will have at least SOME studying taking place. Can’t stop now!


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