1.1.a (ii) errdisable recovery


Errdisable can be a great thing for a network as it will detect an error condition and then shut down a port from functioning to avoid any network issues. Errdisable recovery is the process of recovering from one of these times when a port is shut down. There are a number of reasons that you can set a port to recover all with their own associated timers. Here are what some of the Cisco errdisable recovery options look like:

errdisable recovery causes

If you are looking at the switch and the port in question during this time, the LED will change to orange signaling there is an issue. So what exactly are some of the issues that can cause this. There are many things but some of the most common are bad cabling \ network interfaces, interface configuration mismatch such as duplex, flapping interfaces, security violations, or BDPU guard violations.

So you have a port that shut down and you want to know why. That’s easy! Use the “show errdisable recovery command”. My output below will not show this, but it will also list ports that are errdisabled and will soon be re-enabled:

show errdisable recovery

To enable the auto-recovery function, use the command “errdisable recovery cause CAUSENAMEHERE”. And lastly, should you suspect that an interface has been errdisabled, a simple “show interface ____” will point out the status. It will clearly be identified if that is the case.



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