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Shifting Focus: DevNet and Programmability

As some of you might remember from my social media accounts or other posts, I attended Cisco Live 2019 a few months ago. One...

Cisco DevNet – The Next-Gen IT Sandbox

When it comes to IT topics such as programming, one concept that is critical to the process is the test environment or "sandbox". The...

Cisco Live 2018 Contests

Who doesn't love a good contest?  Cisco does a GREAT job taking care of their social media community and now you have a chance...

Routing and Switching


%UPDATE-3-CERT_INST_FAIL: updcode.c:3686 Failed to install certificate. rc = 1

You might have seen my recent post on generating and installing a third-party signed certificate on a Cisco WLC. I recently had to go...


Kevin Blackburn
CCIE R&S #62000 - Director of Networking in the Healthcare industry and all around networking enthusiast. Cisco Champion and past TechFieldDay NFD delegate.

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